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As the Founder and CEO of Connecting YOU, Rosa has always believed in the true value of community. She has utilized her Business Administration and Personnel Management diplomas plus her 25 years experience along with her facilitation, coaching and professional networking skills to educate and inspire professionals, businesses, and communities to collaborate and grow their business together.

Recognized for her strong ability to successfully teach others to network and foster community thinking to grow their businesses, Rosa is energetic and results-driven. She believes in having fun at work, so ensures that she maintains a light-hearted and fun atmosphere for workshops and events.

As a creative and innovative thinker, she is able to bring ‘outside the box’ strategies to networking, working with clients, speaking engagements and for overall business development. Her philanthropic nature lends itself to her being on several Advisory Boards and committees that support community growth in areas of education, employment strategies, and supporting students for choosing suitable careers. She is also a certified Career Coach, and does individual coaching.

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I have worked with Rosa for several years. I can attest to her passion and dedication to coaching and supporting people to integrate into the Canadian work force and in particular her support for newcomers to Canada. Rosa has also facilitated networking sessions where she links professionals to help each other grow in their careers. Rosa is an excellent professional and I'm very happy to recommend her.

Charles Marful, CHRL, CHRE Director at Ernst & Young

Rosa is a proven performer who has shown a passion for her work that drives her success. She is a dynamic and progressive individual. I've had several opportunities to work with Rosa, each time I appreciated her positive outlook, creative suggestions and informed direction. She is a strong leader and team player. In the time I have spent working with Rosa as a Mentor Facilitator and Business Liaison, I have been impressed by her ability to multi task, manage her relationships to leverage partners collaboratively and maintains a level of service to her stakeholders. Rosa brings a dedication and enthusiasm to the role she is in that is reliable and admirable.

Joe Ferreyro, CFP Sun Life Financial

I went to one of Rosa's Networking seminars to see what she is like as a presenter. As an experienced networker of over 20 years I did not expect to learn anything new. I received a surprising gift of new ideas, ways to improve old ones, packaged in an easy to take-in manner by a delightful presenter. You can't go wrong with Rosa on your team.

Akeela Davis, President Courageous Business Culture


Email: connect@rosalokaisingh.com